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Powerful antibacterial  antiviral antiseptic

Kills 99.9% germs & most harmful bacteria, microorganisms, fungus and viruses

  • Cleans and removes bad odour
  • Disinfects and protects skin
  • Instant drying
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Dynamiclear Product Range are Antiviral, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antimicrobials for topical applications on Skincare.

Story Line: Dynamiclear products started with a Clinical Study (Peer Reviewed and Published in Journal of Drugs in Dermatology in 2012) against Herpes Simplex Viruses. The study demonstrated Dynamiclear’s patented formulation destroyed the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV1 and HSV11) when applied topically to the site of infections. This year 2020, due to the Corona Virus Pandemic and the call from Health Authorities such as FDA and TGA for pharmaceutical companies to increase supplies of Santisers to help curb and control the spread of Corona Virus outbreaks, the company decided to help the community and public by releasing Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers and Hand & Body Disinfectant products. The company is working to release Antiviral treatment for Shingles and Antifungal treatments such as Tinea in very near future.


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