All about Dynamiclear

Dynamiclear Rapid is a single application topical treatment for cold sores & fever blisters caused by the herpes virus (Herpes Labialis). The cold sore treatment works by eliminating the herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV1) on direct contact. It requires just one application per oral herpes outbreak. Clinically proven to heal the symptoms of cold sores fast, within 24-48 hours (in typical cases). Dynamiclear Rapid provides quick pain relief and dries up lip blisters & weeping sores. It works at any stage and there no need for multiple applications.

Unique Delivery Method

The procedure pack contains a cotton tip applicator and a glass vial containing the cold sore medicine in gel form. The cotton tip applicator must be inserted into the vial and through capillary action, the liquid is drawn to the top exposed end. It may be necessary to move the cotton tip applicator up and down to allow more medicine to flow. In rare cases, the product may not flow through the applicator.  In this case, reverse insert the cotton tip applicator into the glass vial. Always use the exposed end only when it is fully saturated with the medicine. Apply by holding the glass vial and pressing the exposed end of the cotton tip applicator gently onto the cold sore lesions for up to 30 seconds or more as needed. One thorough application (using all the medicine in the vial) must be applied to each outbreak. In case of an open wound (lip blister stage), a sharp sting may be felt. If symptoms persists after 24 hours, you may apply another single application.

Insert cotton tip into the Dynamiclear vial.

Push cotton tip into the liquid.

Place the cotton tip on the infected area and slide up the vial.

Apply pressure to the infected area thoroughly for 30 seconds or more.

Dispose of hygienically.

Keep dry and allow time to heal without disturbance.


Allergic reactions to Dynamiclear are known to occur. If you experience any adverse reaction discontinue the use (signs and symptoms listed below).

Wash affected area with copious amount of water and seek medical attention if required.

    1. Severe burning sensation or inflammation of lips.
    2. Severe inflammation of Lesions or blisters and it starts to weep or bleed
    3. Severe increases in pain over long period more than an hour or two.  (Note: When Dynamiclear is applied to active cold sores you may experience an imminent sharp pain that indicates the medicine is working that should subside quickly. It is not necessarily an adverse reaction)
    4. Increased and excessive dryness of lips and mouth area if or when applying inside the lips (the mucosa membrane). Note: Dynamiclear should not be used inside the mouth area. Do not confuse Canker Sores with Cold Sores. Canker Sores are ulcers that appear mostly inside the mouth and the mucosa membrane inside the lips. Cold Sores mainly appears on or outside the lips

Do not use Dynamiclear Rapid:

If you are allergic to Dynamiclear Rapid or to any of the ingredients in the product.

If your doctor advises you not to use the product.

If you are pregnant, seek medical advice from your doctor or pharmacist before using Dynamiclear. Do not use during the first trimester

In your eyes or mouth.

Use with caution or seek medical advice:
First time users who have hypersensitive skin or are unsure should perform a patch test by applying Dynamiclear lightly under the arm (a sensitive part of your skin), wait 3 to 5minutes. If no severe burning sensation, inflammation or pain is experienced, use as directed.

Children under the age of 12 should seek medical advice prior to using Dynamiclear.

People who are immunocompromised should seek medical advice prior to using Dynamiclear.

People who are not sure should seek medical advice from a pharmacist or doctor prior to using Dynamiclear.

Dynamiclear is Gold Standard in Cold Sore treatment

Glycerol, Hypericum Extract, Calendula Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Cupric Sulphate, Polysorbate, Vitamin E, and Water

Due to the nature of the product sediments are likely to occur that does not compromise the safety or ethicacy of the product, Continue to use as directed.

Storage Conditions

Keep away from children, Store in a cool place away from Direct Sunlight at room temperature. Temperature range (10℃ to 30℃).

Why use multiple doses of cold sore cream to treat cold sores when you can use a single dose of Dynamiclear Rapid.

Try Dynamiclear once-off application for rapid relief of cold sores


Did you know that Dynamiclear Rapid can also be used for the following skin infections

It can be used for HSV1 and HSV11 infections on other parts of the body other then facial cold sores, such as arms, wrists, neck, Abdomen, genitalia, buttocks, fingers and sculp.  Avoid using inside the eyes.

It can be used for minor cuts and abrasions to prevent infections

It can be used for minor infections after shaving (face, head, genitalia or legs)

It can be used on scalp for minor infections

It can be used for Tinea, jock itch and other minor fungal skin infections. (for long term fungal skin infections seek a Doctors advice)

Before and after sex. Take some Dynamiclear on your hands and rub all over the genitalia including scrotum (penis) and inside vagina may help with removing bad smell and it acts as antimicrobial to remove bacterium, viruses, and other harmful microbes. Hence may help protect against STDs’. However this is not a cure nor a substitute for condoms or any protective measures. Always practise safe sex.

It can be used for Poison Ivy infections. Rub Dynamiclear on your face or body affected by Poison Ivy infections.

It can be used to treat minor skin infections, minor cuts and wounds in pets.